Kasztel Hotel***- Its surrounding attractions

The Bochnia Salt Mine - 5 km away from Kasztel Hotel ***

kopalniaThe Bochnia Salt Mine is one of the oldest mines in Europe dating back to 1248. It reminds us of an unusual underground town where you can find chapels carved in salt stones, original sculptures and mining devices. The mine can be visited on foot, by underground train or even by boat. The boat trips takes place in the mine chamber situated 230 m below ground level. It's a perfect addition to a visit to this underground tourist track.



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'Wieliczka' Salt Mine - 25 km away from Kasztel Hotel ***

kopalnia-wieliczkaThe Salt mine is one of the most popular places in Małopolska, placed in 1978 on the original UNESCO list of the World Heritage Sites. The 100-year-old salt excavations remind us of a huge labirynth hidden in the suburbs  of the town. It's located on 9 floors, the last of which  is situated 327 m deep. In the underground tunnel it's always 14 °C. Numerous salt caves, underground lakes, mysterious corridors, scultptures and carvings amaze us with their beauty.



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Keeping track of castles and fortifications

The Castle in Nowy Wiśnicz - 12 km away from Kasztel Hotel ***

zamek-wisniczKmita Lubomirski Castle in Nowy Wiśnicz is bound to be a very important place on the map of each and every tourist visiting the areas of Bochnia. It was built on the charming forest hill in the region of The Wiśnicko-Lipnicki Landscape Park. It's the largest Baroque, fortified residence in Poland, whose oldest part was built in the 14th century. It's characterized by Renaissance features and four corner towers of a defensive form. That's why it's currently called 'Palazzo in fortezza' meaning 'a palace in the middle of the fortress”.
The interiors of the castles are decorated with numerous artistic adornments. Special attention should also be paid to the chapel covered by the dome and one of the largest ballrooms in Poland.



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Tropsztyn Castle - 28 km away from Kasztel Hotel***

Zamek-TropsztynTropsztyn Castle situated  on the trade route leading to Hungary. What really encourages us to visit it, are not only all the breathtaking landscapes created  by Czchowskie Lake and  the Carpathian Foothills, but also the fact that the castle had been inhabited by highland robbers. If it's still not tempting enough, let's mention the legendary treasure of the Incas, which is said to be hidden on its underground and it can't wait to be found.



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Dębno Castle - 18 km away from Kasztel Hotel

zamek-w-debnieDębno Castle is a late Gothic complex, built in 1470-1480 by Jakub Dębiński-Chancellor of the Crown and Kasztelan of Kraków. Now, there is a museum and a place annual knightly tournaments  of golden pigtail of Tarłówna attracting knights from Poland and other countries.



The vineyard of Manor Brook” - 2 km away from Kasztel Hotel

winnica-ujThe  wine of the Jagiellonian University keeps conquering the world. The vineyard has already been awarded of 13 cups. Novum Hibernal, vintage 2008, turned out to be the best wine in the category of white dry ones and became a champion. This year in March, red Rondo and white Jutrzenka (2009) became champions, too . On Thursdays between 12 and 2 p.m you can visit the shop called „Winoteka”  to buy a bottle  of this fantastic wine.



Source: http://winnica-uj.pl

Niepołomice Forests - 15 km away from Kasztel Hotel 

puszcza-nieplolomickaHuge forests are  situated only 5 km north of Bochnia- 7th largest lowland forests in Poland. They are sometimes called green lungs of Kraków. It's a wonderful complex, closed to motor traffic. You can visit it on foot or by bike. The area is full of asphalt avenues-perfect for bikes. The ground is quite flat, so even cyclist amateurs are able to spend  some hours on the saddle visiting beautiful forest areas and Nature Reserves



Source: http://plkrakow.blox.pl/2008/04/Puszcza-Niepolomicka-Zielone-Pluca-Krakowa.html

Bath - 20 km away from Kasztel Hotel 

Chorwacja-Jurkowska'Chorwacja Jurkowska' is a complex of bayous, situated in Dunajec Valley. The water temperature is about 22-26⁰C in the summer.
Chorwacja Jurkowska is a perfect place for active tourists.
To guests' disposal there are: sandy and rocky beaches, bridges and swimming pools, water device rental (bikes, boats, kayaks) and beach chairs, saison bar, campsite, gym, game tent (table football, cybergame, billard) and playground.



Source: http://www.kapieliskochorwacja.pl/galeria/

Kraków (Cracow) - 45 km away from Kasztel Hotel

krakowKasztel Hotel is an ideal starting point for tourists willing to visit Kraków. It's only 45 km away.
There are lots of attractions like: Wawel Castle, the Cathedral, kings' tombs, the Royal Sigismund Bell, St. Mary's Church,The Cloth Hall the Cathedral Museum, the Main Square and the Palace of Bishop, Kazimierz, Collegium Maius, The Benedictine Archabbey in Tyniec.



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